If you can think it, we can articulate it.

EPRS Design


In today’s economy, communications and marketing budgets are tighter than ever. Many companies cannot afford to hire a full-time communications professional but would greatly benefit from per diem services.

Effective Communications offers a full range of services to reach your target audiences. Once your needs are clearly identified, we draw on our comprehensive communications experience.

We work with you to bring your unique products and services into focused messaging. If you recognize that your business or organization can improve its presentation, let’s talk. We really can articulate what you provide and deliver that message in ways that will distinguish you from the competition.

Effective Communications’ services range from refocusing your website’s message to providing electronic and hardcopy promotional materials and social media campaigns. We also bring proven experience in securing coverage from traditional print and electronic media, with a sampling of print media coverage secured available on our Media Results page. A full listing of services is provided on our Services page.

Our relationships include the media, elected and appointed officials, charitable and cultural groups and other organizations. We partner with your staff or other firms as necessary to improve the delivery of advertising and all marketing materials.

We help you improve community relations, public service programs, promotional events and internal communications, where our experience with government, non-profits and educational organizations is invaluable. In anticipation of any crisis or emergency, we also help you plan, test and put in place a rapid-response communications program. In addition, we can quickly bring our public relations experience to help you frame your company’s position in a crisis in the best possible light.

We look forward to discussing how we can use our skills, contacts and experience to achieve results. We don’t just work for a client, but develop a partnership to create a collaborative message.

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